Apunta tu voz (2018)

Site specific sound performance. Presented at Festival Tsonami Arte Sonoro, December 8, 2018.
Performers : Barbara Gonzalez and Marc A. Reinhardt.

A sonic intervention across the city, where two voices, two languages, attempt to find their way. Translation is always noisy.

Each performer randomly chooses a « mirador » (view point) in a different neighbourhood. The view point is unknown to the other. One phrase is repeated through the megaphone in an idiom of the mother tongue of the speaker : « Tu vois où je veux en venir ? » (French) and « Vez donde voy ? » (Chileno). Using the city’s geography and architecture as material  filters / carriers of the voice, the performers aim to find each other within a set time frame (120 min.).

This is translation through a « topography of listening » (jake moore).

marc a. reinhardt 2022