LATENCY - 2018

How does one draw attention ? How can this embody a transformative process ? The drawings that compose the piece Latency are the product of a period of idleness, and an effort to come to terms with the social pressures of maximizing “free time”. Under neoliberalism, burnout and depression are pathological expressions of a crisis of freedom ; if being free commonly means being free from constraint, freedom has now become a form of internalized constraint and compulsion to be efficient in exerting one’s free will. Latency proposes minor gestures to find a way out of this predicament. It explores ways of recovering intensities free of purpose through attentive forms of — individual and collective — idleness.

The drawings were made using two constraints (or guidelines): making each line as straight as possible and / or as close as possible to the line that was previously drawn. During the exhibition, these drawings will become graphic scores for two performers. To carry out the performance, each performer draws visual markers on the pictures, thus transforming the composition for later iterations of the piece.

For the performance April 14 2018 at Latitude 53, the root note was G/ A(53 Hz). Performers : Steve Bates and Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt.
Live recording of the performance.

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